Monday, 20 October 2014

This week happiness is... #15

Going on a night out for the first time in three weeks. It was only with a small group but I made it through the whole night and didn't go home early, and had a really great time!

Hungover takeaway pizza.

Ticking a lot of things off my to-do lists. I've been writing one nearly every day 'cos I have so much to remember at the moment and it feels so good to cross lots off.

ASOS sale! I'm a poor student but I bought Hello Kitty tights (omg omg the excitement for these to arrive!) and some over the knee socks.

Birthday sequins! It was two of my housemates birthdays last weekend which they both went home for, but we still got them presents and I made them cards. And I went a lil overboard scattering birthday sequins around the house. I keep finding them in my socks...

A quick decision to go home and stay with the fam. It's been a hectic week and I've had no time to myself and I really needed that peace and quiet and alone time that I can get while I'm here. It's also the best to see my family, and get to see my little sister before she went to Venice yesterday!

A pink Clueless inspired checked skirt waiting for me at home. My sister bought it but it didn't fit her, so she got another size and kept the other one for me to have! Yaaay we can match! (She really won't be happy if I wear it at the same time she does hehe).

And new patterned tights waiting for me at home! I think my fam got a bit over excited about me coming to visit, I feel spoiled!

Mam bringing me up a cup of tea in the morning :) I always make my own, obviously, but at home my lovely mama always brings me up a cup to wake me up.

Sorry this went up a day late, I didn't have my camera at my parents and wanted a picture included. And like I said, it's been one of those weeks. How has your week been? xo

Friday, 17 October 2014

Beauty review || Burt's Bees lip balms

So I'm not a beauty blogger at all, I have reviewed a few pieces in the past when it's something I love a lot I feel inclined to share that love. Aw. I'm pretty sure I've included this Burt's Bees mango lip balm in a post before... but I still love them so will share them again 'cos I'm so freaking lovely.

These lip balms come in different types - at the moment I have the mango one and the ultra moisturizing one (this is why I'm not a beauty blogger I can't even name them properly) but I've also tried the weird minty one. The mango one I always buy it's my fave, I think I only bought the minty one 'cos they're almost the same colour! They were on offer the other week and I'd just run out of the minty weird one so I bought the mango one and the ultra moisturizing one, otherwise they're so expensive. But still something I buy every time I need new balm.

The mango one is pretty standard, mango smelling lip balm. I find a lot of lip balms actually dry out my lips, or feel too sticky and uncomfortable. Don't even get me started on Vaseline. These really don't and yes they're more expensive but oh my stars so niiiiice. The ultra-moisturizing one is weird. Instead of swiping my lips a few times I just use this once, and even then sometimes it feels a little much. I only use this one when I haven't for a while and if my lips are feeling ultra dry. The mango one comes with my everywhere.

I used to try out loads of lip balms, as teenage girls do, but I think when you find something that really works at what it does you hold onto it. I wouldn't mind a cola flavour Burt's Bees lip balm though.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Student Life || a study of the student species

At uni you come across so many different types of people, and some totally stereotypical 'species' of student. Banana Moon is asking bloggers which stereotype they fit best into out of procrastinator, geek, teacher's pet, hipster, student activist, perfectionist, party animal and the non-student student in the chance to win a tablet and t-shirt from Banana Moon.

To be completely honest I think every student has a little bit of everyone of these in their personality, I do. I procrastinate like every other student (I am procrastinating right now, I should be reading research papers and doing French work) but I wouldn't say I am the worst at procrastinating. The description of geek says 'square glasses and comic related images on their t-shirts'... I wear sqaure glasses (I need them to see btw, if one more person asks if they are fake I'm going to destroy every pair of fake glasses on the planet) right now I'm also wearing a huge Wolverine t-shirt... I wouldn't say I have been a party animal of late but it's all three of my housemates birthdays in the next two months and we have some great plans!

It's true, you do meet people who fit into all these stereotypes and having friends who are all totally different is so great! But I think everyone has a little bit of "the lazy procrastinator" in them ;)

This is open to all bloggers, for more info go to the Banana Moon blog!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

This week happiness is... #14

Listening to the thunder and the rain smashing down on the roof of the conservatory. And watching the lightening. I love storms.

Wearing my big snuggly winter jumpers, I love dressing for summer but I'm excited for sweaters! Although a not so happy thing this week was that the washing machine destroyed my favourite sweater *sad face*.

Feeling generally less anxious and down as I've been busy with lectures and future plans I haven't had much time with my thoughts, which for me is a good thing!

Dancing round the kitchen cooking and singing along to The Pretty Reckless.

Getting up mega early for a practical and having time in the morning to get ready, have two cups of tea and toast and blog! And then feeling much more awake and prepared for the practical.

Going to bed early and having the best sleep ever after the 9-5 practical day.

Having a super lazy weekend. I stayed in and snuggled, and ate chocolate, and had lots of tea, but also managed to read research papers and get work done.

Having lots of ideas for posts and lots still sitting in drafts to be published :)

Going to the student lock in at Gunwharf Quays to get some discounted stuff. Only we couldn't find much so ended up leaving with only a can of glitter spray from Claire's, half price.

It's basically been a bit of a boring week 'cos I've been busy with lectures and have felt too tired to do much. Not sure why i'm feeling so tired, probably 'cos it's gone cold so I want to stay tucked up inside. Also have a read about the spread of Ebola - from a reliable source! Finally, how was your week? :)