Friday, 30 January 2015

Instamonth #January

green tea from Slovenia || Hogwarts ootd || went to the market
lip print skirt ootd || present from my housemate || cactus!
swans at swan park || fave || beautiful Portsmouth

I've been taking lots more outfit photos on instagram, and also on my phone and camera for blog posts. They're basically all mirror selfies which I'm sorry for but it's so hard to squeeze in taking awesome photos when both me and my photographer-buddy-housemate-person are so busy! Uni is hard but I don't mind the workload 'cos I love it so much. I'm just finding ways to blog around it!

I don't feel like I've done much this month even though it's been busy. It's kind of gone by in a blur, which January always does for me. It always feels like I need the whole month to find my feet again after the excitement of Christmas. But I have loads of awesome plans for February which I am hugely excited about yay!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

2015 films bucket list!

I decided with my housemate to write a bucket list of films to watch in 2015. We keep saying "oh we must watch that" and then never getting around to it. So I'm keeping note of all the films we want to watch and thought I'd share them with you guys, see if you have seen any of these, and if you have let me know if they are worth watching!

Blue Ruin
Dear White People
Force Majeure
A girl walks home alone at night
The Guest
Love is Strange
The One I Love
Only Lovers Left Alive
We are the best!
What If
Spiderman 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
Back to the Future
Planet of the Apes (all the originals seeing as I now have the box set haha)
Jurassic World

"In fairy tales, love inspires you to be noble and courageous, but in real life, love is just an all-purpose excuse for selfish behavior"

So I have already watched the film What If so crossed it out but it was on the list. So glad I finally got around to watching this, it's such a beautiful film. Yes it's a little cheesy, but it's done so well that it comes across far more realistic than the majority of other rom-coms. It doesn't try to make it's characters cool or sexy or alluring, they are just natural people. Nothing over done which I love. It's very real and tender and about friendship as well as love. It's kinda like real life but they have interesting names and cool jobs.

I've also seen Guardians of the Galaxy which I watched over the weekend with my housemates and some friends. Oh wow. I'm pretty sure everyone has already seen it except me, if you haven't WATCH IT! It's awesome. And the soundtrack is also awesome.

I have actually forgotten what many of these are even about but I can't wait to watch them all! Let me know which ones you've seen and whether I should deffo watch them. I have more to add too and I'm sure I'll add more as time goes on!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Student Life || Fitness and Eating Healthy

More like "Occasionally working out and eating healthy 50% of the time..."

It's hard as a student to be fit and healthy. We are naturally lazy, poor and really enjoy pizza. I am no way at all a very fit and healthy student. I am a strong believer in everything in moderation and I don't believe in dieting at all, it's a lifestyle, not just for a few months. Honestly, some people are not naturally meant to be tiny. Whatever you look like when you are exercising regularly and eating with moderation in mind, that is your healthy look/weight whatever! It should really be about how you feel not how you look...

1. If you want pizza, eat pizza. I can't stress this enough. But always eat it with friends and a good movie on.

2. If you're not into your classic team sports that are the most popular and supercool societies (hahahahaha...) try one that's smaller and more interesting! I prefer the smaller ones because it's easier to make friends too. I go to street dance this year and I love it!

3. Yoga videos on youtube. Especially Yoga with Adrienne. I'm doing the 30 days of yoga playlist she's been making this month, I'm far behind and sometimes miss a day but it's so good to do even every other day. And by using youtube it's free!

4. Just go for a fucking run. It doesn't have to be long, or hard, even a quick burst of energy to get you round the block is awesome.

5. Mix your veggies into cheesy pasta 'cos then it's healthy. This is definitely true.

6. Bananaaaas.

7. Don't visit family that bakes too often. They'll send you back with a huge case of huge cupcakes to eat (true story).

8. Smoothies and soups (before you stop reading and roll your eyes with "not soup again" in your head, hear me out). I suggest investing in a blender, it's my fave thing ever. I make soup quite often and it's the perfect way to cram in loads of veggies that are about to go out of date. Doesn't take much effort or time! Same goes for smoothies :) if you want I have a super simple onion soup recipe you can try...

9. Put music on and daaaaance. Anyone remember all those teenage girl advice books and where it was advising you what exercise to do it always suggested "cool" alternatives, like roller skating? Yeh, well it ALWAYS suggested putting awesome badass music on and dancing around your room. And they were right. I would have said go out and have a boogie but we all know how much students drink and I'm not sure that counts...

10. Does mulled wine count as one of your five a day?

I obviously don't take anything seriously at all haha. But seriously, this is kind of my approach to staying healthy and fit. Moderation is key with food and exercise should be something you enjoy! This is all coming from my perspective though, maybe that mind set doesn't work for everyone. Let me know your attitude to healthy eating and exercise, I'd be interested to know! Are you a diet fan or like me, believe in everything in moderation? xo

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Newness || Charity, Sales & Vintage

It's nearly the end of January and I picked up a few nice bits this month. I even bought a couple of things that weren't from a charity shop! Which I doubt will happen again seeing as I'm trying to save up for France. 

I'm loving sweaters at the moment, they don't irritate the eczema on my hands and wrists like woolly jumpers do, and they are usually baggier so look better with leggings! The pastel blue sweater was £2 from a charity shop. It's an old golf sweater haha but I think the pastel blue and pink is so sweet. The pink cat sweater is actually from romwe, I ordered it from their January sale. It was only £7 which is good for a new sweater, especially one as cute as this! However delivery was £5 taking the total up to £12 which is more than I'd like to have paid. It was worth it though 'cos it's super soft and cosy, and cute!

The purple top is a plain long sleeve top, 'cos you can never have too many basics, and it was 49p from a charity shop. Can't say no when it's that price really. The necklace on top of it is from the vintage fair that came to my uni. It was cheap for vintage I suppose, but not for someone used to shopping in charity shops. But I wanted to buy something from there, and I loved this little planet necklace! I'm super picky with jewellery but this is something I can see myself wearing a lot.

Finally I also bought a book even though I have so many to get through still! It was only 50p though and it's a book!! That's something that I'm allowed to spend money on, right?!

When I went home to visit my family my aunties also spoiled me with homemade cupcakes, these candles and a box of chocolates! I love having candles dotted around my room but don't really buy them unless they are mega cheap in a sale haha. It's nice to have some proper nice candles!

I hope you liked this post, who knew I had so much to say about buying things?! Who knows, maybe there will be more posts like this! Although, I kinda hope not 'cos that means I'm spending not saving which is BAD! If I do post another of these maybe remind me of this ;) xo