Thursday, 18 December 2014

OOTD || simple Christmas party outfit with UK tights

black dress - H&M || gem trail Pretty Polly tights* - UK tights || creepers - Underground 

over the knee Pretty Polly glitter socks* -  UK tights

You might have seen my last outfit post featuring the third pair of tights I was kindly sent by UK tights to review. These are the other two that I decided to do in a separate post because they are more glitzy I think. UK tights getting in touch with me was probably the most exciting email I've ever received with regards to my blog! I loooove tights huge amounts, and I love patterned tights even more. I also love over the knee socks and have acquired quite a collection of these and patterned tights this year. 

I chose to pair them with my plain black dress, my go to for when I go out at night. I wore my creepers but I was going to wear my converse, which I usually wear on nights out, except they now have holes in them so I can't wear them if it's wet and it had been raining the day we took these photos. Oh yeh, "we" is me and my housemate! I need someone to take these sorts of photos and he's sooo much better than I am at actually capturing great photos.

I can't wait to actually wear the gem trail tights on a night out, I haven't been out in ages, far too cold for that! Unfortunately the thigh high socks are sooo tight I can't even walk in them, I have to hobble! I don't know whose legs they were made on but my legs are pretty slim as it is so I would say they'd only fit a size 4 or 6 which is a shame 'cos they are so so pretty.

What do you think of the tights and socks? What will you be wearing to Christmas/New Years parties this year? xo

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Student Life || Christmas on a budget

Buying presents can be stressful when you feel like you want to spend more, but just don't have the means to. Especially for a student trying to buy for their family, for their parents. I am pretty good with money, until it comes to presents. Buying presents is my weakness. I can't help myself. Even this year I didn't manage to curb my enthusiasm. I'm getting there though! So I thought I'd share some tips with you...

1. Shop in charity shops. You never know what you might find there! Markets, ebay and independent shops are also good choices, although not all independent shops are cheap, some are and it's good to support these small business over huge ones that just don't need your £5.

2. Buy presents early - I think this is a tip everyone spews out but it's true and I wish I stuck to it! I never do, and always leave it too late! Next year, I swear, will be the year I shop in sales and spread it out so it's not a huge dent in December. It's a particular dry time of year for students as our loan is spent and we have to wait until January until the next installment comes through.

3. Come up with a budget and stick to it! I never do this...I really need to be taking my own advice here. I feel like that gal from Confessions of a Shopaholic who writes for the finance magazine but is totally in debt...I'm giving you these tips and living a lie...

4. Make what you can! Personal gifts are so much more lovely in my opinion, if you can draw or paint, then do that! My parents keep pestering me to send them some of my art to put up in the house haha. I'm also going to make some of my own Christmas decorations, I know on Christmas day it's a bit late for decorations, but they can be saved for next year, and can be treasured forever.

5. Agree with others in the same situation to not buy presents for each other, or set a limit. I live with three of my friends and this year we agreed to not buy each other presents this year, instead we all chipped in for food and crackers and cooked ourselves a really great Christmas dinner and watched a Christmas film together. Sometimes just making that extra effort to spend time with someone, without distractions, is way better than any gift you could give.

These tips obviously aren't just for students but being a student has made me more careful with my money, especially when it comes to buying presents! Let me know if you have anymore tips for saving at Christmas in the comments, I'd love to hear them! xo

Monday, 15 December 2014

Are Disney princesses good role models for young girls?

I think this is something many people debate over all the time, and some things are nearly always agreed on. Most Disney princesses have to go through some trauma before they can finally be with the man of their dreams. And that is always their reward. Some would say this sets a bad example, but then if you think about it, many of the princesses themselves work their way out of the situations, along with help from their prince charming. So maybe that sets a good example for real life couples? Working together to overcome some sort of evil and then being able to live happily ever after?

Mulan is seen as a leap forward as she becomes the hero, but I disagree. The way she does become the hero is by becoming a "man". Yes at the end all is revealed and everyone still thinks she's great, despite being a woman, which to be honest is a bad thing anyway, however I understand that that's the story of it, and the issues behind it. And when there are issues like that in the real world, I don't think it can be taken out of movies because it's a real issue that can be addressed in films. This film says to me that womanly traits are bad and that to be taken seriously she has to become a man. Sorry Mulan fans.

Most people then jump to Frozen, which happens to be one of my favourite Disney movies. I totally think it is going in the right direction. Elsa and Ana, although princesses, display qualities that totally normal girls of their age would. Maybe a little odd after being shut away in a castle for so long but the normality is there. Especially in the line "you can't marry a man you just met" basically making fun of all the other Disney films where it's love at first sight. Elsa has to fight her demons as many young adult women do (if only it was magical frozen powers we had to take control of *sigh*) and she doesn't even end up with a man at the end of it! I don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't seen it (if not why?!) but the main focus is the love between the two sisters and how they overcome their issues together. With a little help from Ana's love interest, who starts as a friend and you see them gradually fall for each other throughout the film. Although the film still has a love story in it, lets face it the majority of all films do, at least this time they got to know each other and it wasn't an unrealistic relationship.

No, I haven't forgotten the film that came before Frozen, one that many do forget, that is Brave. I don't think I even need to point out why it is one of the greatest Disney* movies of all time. It's the only Disney film where the main character, the princess, doesn't end up with a man. She goes against her parents wishes for her to marry soon, she rebels against all the constraints on her and pulls through, without the help of any love interest. It's not a perfect film, there are some things I could pick out, however, I am not a film expert nor did I work on that film (or any of the others mentioned in this post... obviously) but my opinion is that Brave was a big step in the right direction.

I'd love to hear what more people think of this, it's a really interesting debate as there are lots of different opinions on the many different Disney films. It's an issue that is present in all films and real life, like I said, it's not something that even should be taken out of films until it's fixed in real life. I decided to focus on Disney films after a debate the feminism society at my uni joined in with that was titled "are Disney princesses good role models for young girls?". Well, do you think they are? xo

*before anyone starts calling me out, yes it is Pixar, but it's also Disney seeing as Disney bought Pixar way back in 2006.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

This week happiness is... #22

Christmas shopping! I keep going into town to look around the markets, I've resisted buying so many things for myself haha!

Cooking my first ever roast dinner! I didn't cook the meat, but I don't eat that, I did the rest with some help from my housemate while the others handled the chicken and the cheesecake, made from scratch, for dessert! It was so yummy! It just ended up being a bit cold 'cos we took so many pics of our effort before eating!

Snuggling up with a full tummy under a Christmas blanket to watch Love Actually.

Christmas songs! I've only just started playing them around the house and I discovered I made a Christmas spotify playlist last year! The 50s Christmas songs are cracking!

Breakfast in bed.

Finishing up my last counselling session and a check up at the Drs feeling much better than I have in a while. The Dr seemed so genuinely pleased to see I was doing better, especially as the appointment had been made for me to get a prescription for anti-depressants but hey here's hoping I can carry on without them!

Finally getting to come home to my family for the holidays. I've only seen them once briefly in the last three months so I am mega excited to be back home with them.

Seeing more green and trees in a few minutes back in Sussex than I have in the whole of Portsmouth for three months. We also nearly hit some deer (we didn't so it's still a happy story...).

Choosing the Christmas tree and decorating it with the family, one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

What's made you happy this week? Are you getting involved in the Christmas feels or getting sick of it already? xo